Lead Net Pro is the Lead Generation Choice For Gardner Cleaning Service

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Published: 11th November 2010
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October 30th, 2010 Chicago ILLinois- (kazor.com)

Gardner Cleaning Service would like to proudly announce their affiliation with Lead Net Pro to meet all their lead generation needs and to help them make more sales and garner more referrals for their cleaning company.

Randy Gardner the CEO of Gardner Cleaning Service says, " Lead Net Pro is the lead generation software I have been looking for for a long time. It is totally comprehensive. There is a tremendous data scraper that lets me compile leads of businesses in my area. There is a state of the art voice broadcaster that allows me to send out mass voicebroadcasts to those businesses, and there is an email sender that allows me to send out 8,000 emails a day. Instead of paying Superpages $400 a month , or paying Service Magic $20 bucks for a lead that usually does not convert to a sale I paid $397 one time to Lead Net Pro and just $19.95 a month to have a marketing missile"

Randy continues " I want to thank Chris Hurney my sponsor for showing me the power of being aggressive in my marketing. Instead of being passive and putting ads in newspapers or on Craigslist or Backpage I am now aggressive in my marketing. I learned to not sit and hope and pray for people to respond to my ad, I now go out there and go after businesses in my area by mass marketing them with the tools Lead Net Pro gives me. I have increased my sales in just days and will expect to increase my sales 200% and expect to save a lot of money on wasted advertising"

Chris Hurney who has been a home based business entrepreneur for 8 years is happy small businesses like Randy's can now actually learn how to create their own organic leads. Lead generation is the one mitigating aspect of whether a small business is successful or not. Those that can get people in the door will make more money. Chris says " Lead Net Pro is the perfect software lead generation platform for anyone in ANY small business. Whether you be in MLM, Network Marketing, own a restaurant, cleaning company or any small based business. Lead Net Pro has an amazing 99% accurate lead scraper and harvester. It has the cheapest voice broadcasting rates in the industry, and has an amazing emailer that teaches small businesses the power of reverse marketing and the power of targeted lead generation.

Randy finishes by saying " Anyone looking to create laser targeted leads for their business must have Lead Net Pro. It allows you to send a targeted message to a targeted list. That has been the key to me having a lot more success with my cleaning company then I did.

To learn more about Lead Net Pro and to see it in action and to see why it is vastly superior to Ibuzz Pro, Phone Broadcast Club, Scraper Pro, Lead Dawg , Voiceshot and every other lead generation software please go to http://www.musthaveleads.com

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